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  • What is Tetelestai House?
    We are a faith-based 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in Omaha, Arkansas with a heart for the incarcerated. We do jail ministry every month in two county jails in Arkansas, and we operate a caring house for women coming out of jail or prison who want to make a change in their lives. We offer our residents a one year faith-based, drug-free environment for them to begin again.
  • What does "Tetelestai" mean?"
    “Tetelestai” is Greek for “it is finished.” These were the last words Jesus spoke on the cross, which is found in John 19:30. We want our residents to know that their old life can be ‘finished’ and there is new life in Christ!
  • How many staff members are there?
    We have two full-time employees. Tracy Lindsey has served as the full-time Director since 2013. Jayma Roten came on full-time as her Executive Assistant in January 2020.
  • Does Tetelestai House have a Board of Directors?
    Yes! Tetelestai House is blessed to be governed by an exceptional group of distinguished professionals that make up our Board of Directors. Royce Sweatman – President Jacquie Markle – Vice President Carl Garvin – Treasurer Shondra Sprinkle – Bookkeeper Brandon Cone Kenny DeYoung Teri Garrett Jean Hankins Robert Hathaway
  • How did Tetelestai House begin?
    Director, Tracy Lindsey, was delivered from a sixteen year drug addiction when she surrendered her life to Jesus Christ while in prison. After she was released, the Lord opened the door for her to do jail ministry. She noticed that she was seeing the same ladies over and over, and she also remembered her own cycle in and out of jail while she was in her addiction. One night when she was ministering to a group of eight women in Boone County jail, she asked where they would be going when they got out. Six of the eight women said they would be going back to the house where they were arrested. When Tracy asked them why, they looked at her like she was crazy and said, “Where else would I go? That’s where I live.” It was then that Tracy began to see a need for a safe, drug-free environment for women to begin again when they left incarceration. She shared her heart with her pastor and church and began to pray how she could impact the lives of these women on a greater level, and how we, as the church, could more greatly impact the Kingdom of God. Shortly after that, Tetelestai House was born.
  • When did Tetelestai House take its first resident?
    The ministry was incorporated in 2013 and took its first resident in April 2014.
  • As of August 2020, how many residents has Tetelestai House had?"
    29 total residents; 8 graduates
  • How many residents can live at Tetelestai House at one time?
    With the completion of Phase 1 of our new facility, we can house 6 women upstairs, with the ability to grow into the basement space (Phase 2) for an additional 6 women, as the Lord leads.
  • Why did Tetelestai House build a new facility?
    When we took our first resident in April 2014, we were operating in a loaned facility. A couple from Lakeland Baptist Church in Omaha, AR said they had a building on their property they weren’t using and offered it to the ministry. The building had been used for many things in the community--everything from a boat shop to a feed store. As a result, we experienced a lot of inefficiencies and growing pains but were very thankful for the “home” that the Lord put together for us. In 2017, we were donated almost an acre of land for the purpose of building a new facility. The Lord began to give us a vision of what that new home might be like, and in His time, He raised up a retired builder to manage the project and a draftsman to put our ideas on paper. We broke ground in October of 2018 and the Lord has raised up the right people at the right time all along the way. In January of 2020, we officially moved our office and we currently have our first resident at the new facility (August 2020).
  • What is the “success rate” for Tetelestai House?
    We get some strange looks sometimes, but we always say 100%! At Tetelestai House, we are “seed sowers.” Our mission is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with each woman that walks through our door. We have fulfilled our mission when we daily share who Jesus is, what He did for them, and who they can become in Him. It is our desire that after hearing the plan God has for them, they will choose to embrace it and complete the program!
  • What are some additional ministries or services that Tetelestai House provides to the community?
    Monthly jail ministry: Boone County, AR jail ministry (last Saturday of the month) started in 2012, and Newton County, AR jail ministry (second Tuesday of the month) started in 2018 (all pre-COVID-19). “Bibles for Inmates” – We have given out over 150 to inmates and jail staff throughout state of Arkansas since 2018 Adopted one mile on Hwy 65 Adopted a flower bed in front of Omaha city hall Weekly “The Journey” Discipleship Class at a Branson Recovery Center – began as a study for one woman that we knew out of our Boone County, AR jail ministry but grew into an outreach to the entire center Weekly Omaha, AR food ministry – When COVID-19 shut down our jail ministries and made it impossible to get any new residents, we prayed about what the Lord would have us to do. He reminded us of our full pantry of food that was in danger of going out of date. We began doing a weekly visit to about 9 families in local low-income housing, delivering a bag of groceries with a Scripture attached. Many families gave us the opportunity to pray with them, and as of September 7, 2020, we have delivered for 24 weeks straight and now minister to 12 families.
  • How is Tetelestai House funded?
    Since its inception in 2013, Tetelestai House has been funded solely by donations from churches, community service organizations, and individuals. Tetelestai House feels very strongly about maintaining our freedom to keep Jesus Christ at the center of what we do, so as of August 2020, we have taken no federal or state funding. We are very thankful for every cent that God provides through the generousity of our donors because it truly enables us to do the work He has called us to do! We thank you in advance for prayerfully considering giving a monetary gift of any amount to help us continue providing a safe, drug-free environment for women coming out of incarceration that want a new life!
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