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We need you!

Here at Tetelestai House we are so appreciative of all of those that come alongside us in the work we do! If you are considering getting more involved, please take a look at a couple areas that are always big needs for us!

Prayer Group


We can always use prayer! If you are a prayer warrior, please consider adding us to your personal prayer list, your church's list, small group list, etc. We know that the work we do is definitely not done in our own power and we appreciate so much those of you that regularly lift us up in prayer! Here are a few specific things that you can be remembering for us:

​1) Ask for His Wisdom in direction and stewardship

2) Ask for His Provision

3) Ask for Him to raise up the ‘right’ people at the ‘right’ time


Since our inception in 2013, we have operated solely on the generosity of our donors. Through the years, God has raised up churches, organizations, and individuals to partner with us in the work we do.


Here at Tetelestai House we are blown away daily by how the Lord continues to provide and meet our needs! As a faith-based nonprofit, we do not accept any Federal or State funding so that we can continue to point our residents to the only One that can truly help them--Jesus Christ.


If the Lord is leading you to give (first let us say a big heartfelt "THANK YOU!"), and please see below for a few of the ways you can invest in the lives of women coming out of incarceration:

​1) MONETARY GIFTS: Please click here to be directed to our giving page where you can make a one-time or recurring gift into one of the following funds of your choice:






2) NON-CASH GIFTS: Just like any other household, we have specific ongoing needs. We have tried to make purchasing for Tetelestai House as easy as possible! Click here to learn of our most recent household needs by visiting our Walmart needs registry!

If you have other items that you are interested in donating to Tetelestai House, please feel free to call us at (870) 426-4988.

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